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Timeless on a Rainy Day" by Natalie from New York
(Blue Bird blouse, By Corpus skirt, Glamyou shoes)

One thing I'm beginning to get used to on the East Coast: the massive amounts of unexpected showers. And of course, right after I lose my umbrella, which was already broken to begin with, NYC begins to cry it's eyes out! But I actually love the rain. The city gets a bit cooler and the next day always seems a bit more fresh. I'm still waiting for my rain boots to be delivered(which I'm super stoked about), and so I've been going around in completely inappropriate shoes for this weather for the time being. Inappropriate, but still amazing, flat leather oxfords. Also known as, MAN SHOES. Once again, inspired by the boys strolling the city in similar type shoes, looking all comfy and casual. So jealous, I had to get a few pairs of my own! These are European made and literally feel like socks. The leather is superb and I love the unexpected blue shade. For my day out running with no luck in avoiding the endless amounts of puddles, I went with one very classic, SUPER simple look. I felt very Audrey Hepburn. Black and white with timeless shapes. This is one look I could probably grow old in and still look totally chic. 

"Mixing military with romantism" by Kasia from Poland
 I think this model is probably timeless:)

"In love with snake" by Kasia


Why do all good things come to an end…
The last days of my vacations… I can’t believe! My outfit combines the trends of this season -the skin, combination skin with a cloth and immortal (in the last post immortal were stripes: D) leopard:) 

"More days lovin" by Tala from L.A.
come to the sunshiiine (hit play to get in the groove) way or another i'm goin to bring it to you no matter the season! left the chateau, skipped over to the classic edsels and went on a sun hunt today...everydays lovin especially in my new somedays lovin flower and bright white suit, i'm digging the little knots, goldie detail on the bandeau and the buttery fabric. australia love!  i'm also super ex about my new woodstock rosa plateau shoes at glam you by emma go. it's absolutely worth the ship all the way from france...the moooost comfortable clogs everrrrrr, right size heel, rubber sole, i'm going to be living in these! definitely giving the clogs a super shiny star and check out glam you for more on clothes n accessories!


 "Let´s Leave Tomorrow" by Kasia from Poland, feat. loafers Mary moda by GlamYou.
Glamyou loafers
We can wear shirts in many forms, this time really loose and convenient, but we can match the white shirt in the same way with a simple and neat sweater. Then it will be suitable for formal events. 


 Bracelet Love, by Klaudia from Poland feat. Stylesnob leather bracelets in two colors from GlamYou
Today a postman came with a package from I was wishing to get these leather bracelets for a long time, and now they are mine! They are thin and fit very well my skinny handle.

 Day trip to Bodiam Castle by Tamara, from England feat. ankle fox fur shoes
What a day! I am back in my bedroom now, and still can't believe the little adventure I had today. Shortly after waking up I headed to Bodiam Castle with my family (my mum and grandma are visiting for a bit). It is amazing castle built in 1385 and I can't help but let it take me to that time. For this amazing occasion I picked my seasons favourite boots by GlamYou and my new favourite accessory, this beautiful Louis Vuitton scarf. With all this animal print/fur must admit I was a bit ware of ducks haha but they were so cute, I couldn't resist feeding them.

Moi je suis parisienne ♥ by Daisy from Germany feat. Glam Glossy Pumps