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Leather is a valuable ally for our health and well-being


Whether they are classic or elegant, fashionable or traditional, shoes must have a common denominator: comfort.


The frenetic pace of every day life, between work, errands, meetings, and evenings out, creates a high level of stress for our feet and our well-being in general. In fact, the nerve endings of all of our organs are concentrated in the foot. The solution? Obviously to choose comfortable and versatile clothing, starting from the shoes that we wear. For this reason, it is necessary to wear suitable shoes in which the foot moves comfortably: the ideal shoe has a leather sole that is not too thin, able to cushion the forefoot's impact on the ground; it should never be flat but have a heel of at least 2-3 cm. Furthermore, the ideal would be to alternate shoes at least twice a week.


Five pieces of advice from GlamYou for always having the perfect shoes

- After wearing, always put your shoes away with a wooden last or shoetree in them.

- Lay the shoes on their side to dry out, especially if they have been worn when walking on wet surfaces.

- Always let shoes dry at room temperature and never too close to heat sources.

- Polish and brush shoes after use. The basic rules are: first use a good lanoline-based cream; after about twenty minutes, spread the polish, which must have a beeswax base (which softens leather); brush the shoes after a couple of hours, preferably with a soft brush.

- The final touch: rub the shoe with a nylon stocking stuffed with a wool cloth.