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What does it mean for you TO BE GLAMOROUS?

"Being glamourous is never leaving your house without your makeup and hair done! and of course, in high heels!" - by Dasha Oldenburg from Milano, Italy


"Wear luxurious clothes and act like you don´t do the shit and you have no idea what does it mean." - by Maria Gorshenina from Tallinn,  Estonia


"Glamour is elegance and style. The attitude and the way of being as so important, independently of the clothing holding !!" - by Corinne Durand from La Fare-les-Oliviers, France


"Breathtaking, magical!" - by Birgit Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark


"Chic, charming and divinely attractive!" - by Julia Moroz, Copenhagen, Denmark


"Luxery" - by Mette Christina Kjøller, Kastrup, Denmark


"to be glamorous is to feel good about myself" - by Karena from Sweden

"Being glamorous! - To be seen and shine, to be buffed up with that special shoes or a new top. And above all be doing it and talking about how nice it is, it is for me to be glamorous." - by Jouline, Sweden

"BE GLAMOROUS is to have self confidence, to be kind and smiling as always."- Lili from Sweden

"Glamour for me, when I feel a little more chic, in a beautiful dress,  fabulous hair and glam makeup, some "glittery" here and there but good just the right amount." - Amanda from Sweden

"Glamour for me an inner confidence .. it is visible externally as a shining sun ... No makeup in the world can compare with it ." - by Chanette from Sweden